Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Special Tutorial For You!

What is interesting about our Telekung  is that we can use it as shawl. When you going to travel or working, our Telekung is designed to use for prayer and it also can be customize as hijab. Our Telekung is fast, easy and cover your aurah .


We supply quality Telekung Prayer home brew price comparable with the quality of the veil. Cool fabric and very comfortable. Face stitched and comfortable and the hair does not come off easily.

This veil is made of high quality lycra fabric.
It is very comfortable to wear and cool.

This fabric is does not reveal the color of your skin when praying.

Size fit for all sizes. 
Suitable for both the size S, M, L, XL, XXL and no more than 170cm tall.
Length veil of chin is> <100 cm, length of fabric hand is> <127 cm from waist

List of colors ~

1. Murmurs Magenta
2. Mellow Markisar
3. Pale Pink Purple
4. Olive Green
5. Fearless Fuschia
6. Pistachio Green
7. Puprle Poise
8. Ripe Berry
9. Love Lavender
10. Vanilla Cream
11. Dark Khaki
12. Golden Royale
13. Yellow Green crumbles
14. Wild Strawberry
15. Blue Black

Thank You! Happy Shopping with us! :)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Colorful Telekung Muslimah Closet

Special handmade from us come with limited number.

High Quality fabric with nice finishing needlework.

Confident with the comfort!

All item : RM 120